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Expert Legal Services in Family and Divorce Law

The breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership has legal consequences which can be far reaching so it is important for both parties to consider their legal rights and responsibilities.

In the midst of the emotional upheaval for those involved, it is not always a priority to seek legal advice, but we recommend you do so at the earliest opportunity. Good management of the legal issues in the early stages of a separation often sets the tone which flows throughout the whole separation process, so it is crucial that the issues are dealt with carefully and with due consideration.

Whilst there is no obligation on either party to seek legal advice, as a matter of professional conduct, if we are instructed, we may only act for one party. In some cases, both parties may have already reached an amicable agreement about issues such as living arrangements, division of the financial ties and contact with children (if applicable). In such a case, you may be seeking to formalise the agreement so that it is "legally binding." We offer practical advice to make sure that all the issues are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. In this example, you may only require the services of one solicitor to act for one party to make the process more cost effective.

In cases where is has not been possible to reach an agreement, we will help you to narrow the issues and provide realistic advice about the prospect of achieving your goals early so that you minimise the risk of becoming embroiled in unnecessary litigation. However, be secure in the knowledge that at all times, we will adopt a firm position to achieve your realistic goals, but without being unreasonable. Take the first step and call us now for a no-obligations discussion.