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Conveyancing in St Albans - FAQ-3Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging property, rest assured that your case will be given an unrivalled personal service throughout. We pride ourselves on providing a quality one-to-one service where your point of contact will always be a solicitor. We aim to ensure continuity by allocating one solicitor to handle your case from beginning to end. We deliver a consistently high level of client care and our main priority to ensure that your case is dealt with in an effective and timely manner to suit your particular needs.

We use the latest Case Management Technology and scanning facilities to help us achieve our first class service.

All of our conveyancing work is carried out on a fixed fee basis, so you can be sure that you will not receive any unwelcome surprises at the end of your case. We are so confident that we can deliver a better service than our competitors at a better price, we welcome you to let us know if you have found a better deal elsewhere. We will do our best to match any genuine like for like quote. Call now on 01727 221-655 (St Albans) or 0113 322-7903 (Leeds), or submit your enquiry via our online form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Valuations and Surveys?
  2. Can I re-negotiate purchase price based on the results of the Survey?
  3. What are searches?
    Searches are specific checks on the property you are purchasing. These are arranged by your solicitor will arrange on your behalf, although they are carried out by independent search companies.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that the searches are to be distinguished from any valuations and surveys which you are carrying out on the property. Please see the separate section in the FAQ's dedicated to Valuations and Surveys.

    The purposes of the searches are set out below:
    - to give your solicitor the opportunity to make sure that all the paperwork is provided with your purchase (such as planning permissions and buildings regulations approval) which will be useful if for example, you decide to sell the property in the future;
    - to warn you if there are any issues which may devalue your property in the near future after purchase;
    - to determine whether there are any likely external factors that could cause you to reconsider purchasing the property.

    If you are buying a property there are five main types of search that could be carried out, and your solicitor will determine which of these are applicable:
    Local Authority Search
    This looks at the planning history of the property and whether the Local Authority is aware of any breaches of in planning permission. The search also indicates whether or not appropriate Buildings Regulations Approval was obtained for any improvements carried out on the property, The search also reveals any new traffic schemes and roads that could affect the value of your property, as well as for anything else of interest such as conservation areas and smoke control orders within the Local Authority's control that affect the property.
    Drainage Search
    This search shows the location of drains and sewers located near or on the property and whether or not surface water and/or foul water drains run into a public or private sewer.
    Environmental Search
    It is recommended that environmental searches are carried out on the property you are purchasing. The search will identify whether there are any landfill/waste disposal sites in the area, if the property has been built on an old industrial site, and whether there are any risks from the land the property is built on being contaminated or subjected to toxic emissions. The Environmental search will also reveal if your property may be susceptible to flooding or subsidence as a result of mining.
    Coal Mining Search
    It is recommended that a Coal Mining search is carried out on the property you are purchasing. The search will identify whether there are any old or disused mine shafts on or near to the property, which can of course have significant detrimental effects on the value of the property if revealed. It is useful to request the search in all cases, because even if the search reveals that the property is not located within a Coal Mining locality, then a reduced search fee of approximately £7.00 applies, which you may feel is a small price to pay for this piece of mind.
    Land Registry Search
    This search determines the current ownership of the property and checks that there are no mortgages registered against the property that have not previously been disclosed. If there are any existing mortgage(s) registered against the property, your solicitor will obtain confirmation that all mortgage(s) will be repaid before the property is transferred into your ownership.
    Bankruptcy Search
    If you are taking out a mortgage against the property you are purchasing then the Mortgage Provider will request that your solicitor carries out a search to ensure you are not bankrupt. We recommend that you also take out bankruptcy searches against the people from whom you are buying the property.
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  5. When do I need to get buildings insurance?
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  7. When will I pay for my Conveyancing Service?
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  9. When do I receive the money for the property I am selling?