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Conveyancing in St Albans - FAQ-1Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging property, rest assured that your case will be given an unrivalled personal service throughout. We pride ourselves on providing a quality one-to-one service where your point of contact will always be a solicitor. We aim to ensure continuity by allocating one solicitor to handle your case from beginning to end. We deliver a consistently high level of client care and our main priority to ensure that your case is dealt with in an effective and timely manner to suit your particular needs.

We use the latest Case Management Technology and scanning facilities to help us achieve our first class service.

All of our conveyancing work is carried out on a fixed fee basis, so you can be sure that you will not receive any unwelcome surprises at the end of your case. We are so confident that we can deliver a better service than our competitors at a better price, we welcome you to let us know if you have found a better deal elsewhere. We will do our best to match any genuine like for like quote. Call now on 01727 221-655 (St Albans) or 0113 322-7903 (Leeds), or submit your enquiry via our online form below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Valuations and Surveys?
    Whilst it may seem obvious, it is worth taking a moment to consider the meanings of these terms.

    Valuations are brief reports normally arranged by your Mortgage Provider following an instruction from your Independent Financial Advisor (or directly from your Mortgage Provider in the circumstances where you have not used an Independent Financial Advisor). If you are not using a Mortgage to assist you with the purchase, a valuation will not be arranged unless you make your own arrangements to instruct a local Estate Agent or Surveyor to carry one out.

    The Valuation will provide a summary of the main aspects of the property, such as the number of rooms, the locality, the general appearance of the property and provide the current market value on the assumption that there are no structural defects and the legal documents are in order.

    IMPORTANT: the Valuation will not provide an opinion of the Structural wellbeing of the property and may well not pick up whether or not there are any issues such as damp, subsidence, weak foundations, dry rot, or wood worm. Your Mortgage Provider will normally insist on a Valuation as a minimum requirement, but bear in mind that their primary interest is to protect the Loan they are providing, so in situations where you are investing a large deposit (or a large amount of your own money), then you may also wish to consider arranging a structural survey.

    A Structural Survey will report on the structural aspects of the property (such as the condition of the walls, foundations and any evidence of for example, damp, subsidence, weak foundations, dry rot, or wood worm etc.) These are normally carried out by Structural Surveyors and they are considerably more detailed than a Valuation. Of course, this detail is reflected in the price of the survey and the more you decide to pay, the more information will be contained in the report.

    A Structural Survey may also be arranged through your Independent Financial Advisor or your Estate Agent or directly to a local Surveyor. The cost of your Valuations and / or Structural Survey is normally paid in advance.

    You may decide to opt for a survey known as a 'Home Buyers Report.' This is more detailed that a Valuation but less detailed than a full structural survey. If at a later date you find a problem with the property that was not mentioned in your Home Buyers Report you may seek to be recompensed from the person or company that carried out the report.

    IMPORTANT: Please be aware that your solicitor is not qualified to carry out and nor will he or she be responsible for arranging the valuations or surveys on the property. For this reason, we prefer not to give indications of the costs, although we would be happy to discuss with you your intentions before you make a commitment to either a Valuation or Survey or both.
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